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    PDSI Private Equity Offering

What is the PDSI Private Equity Offering?

We help investors make deal decisions by performing Technology due diligence, assessing revenue growth, cost reduction opportunities and minimize transaction risk.  Our highly skilled Fractional CTOs delve deep into the targeted areas of Technology to provide a thorough and accurate assessment of where an organization currently stands.

What is the ROI?

  • Guidance: Provide insight on target’s Technology with relation to current industry and market standards
  • Support Acquisition and Exit Decisions: Deliver an accurate assessment of the target’s Technology landscape and illustrate the depth/scale of risks in a detailed summary
  • Decrease diligence timeline:  Via access to our on-demand CTO Technology leadership Network
  • Force Multiplication for your deal teams:   Increase the focus on the number of deals with Technology targets.

What are some key areas of focus?

Process, Operations, Tools, People, Equipment, Technology, Management, Customer Base.

System Architecture
Code Quality / Maintainability
Product Management / Roadmaps
Security / Privacy protection
Intellectual Property
Technical Debt
Code Scalability
Products in development
Product Quality / SQA
Product Operations / DevOps

How is the Diligence conducted?

  • Identify Fractional CTO:  Based on the target profile and requested technology expertise, PDSI will identify a Fractional CTO from our vetted network to conduct the diligence
  • Discovery:  Meet with the Deal Team to gather information and insight into the target’s current technology landscape and to understand the drivers on performing the diligence.
  • Analysis:  Perform an analysis in relation to industry best practices and trends
  • Write up:  Deliver Assessment document detailing the risks, opportunities, and recommendations for all relevant areas.
  • Presentation: The engagement concludes with a detailed Assessment summarizing the findings and will be presented and discussed with the Deal Team.

What follows the Due Diligence?

We can leverage our network to assist with various aspects of what follows the Due Diligence. For example, we can support the integration of technology from the acquired target, provide management services to assist in the transition and integrate/transform and optimize operations.

* Specific areas of focus will be discussed prior to engagement kick off

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