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Podcast: Reinventing Nerds-People Skills for a Technologist

November 7, 2018

By Dr. Joanie Connell

Joanie interviews Scott Krawitz, the CEO of People Driven Solutions, Inc. (PDSI). PDSI provides technology advisory services, such as the “virtual CTO.” Scott has had many years as a technologist and a leader of technologists and he shares the people strategies he finds work best.

Q: What are the most critical people skills for a technologist?

In nerd parlance, think of it as a network communication model. There are three stages: transmitting, receiving and processing a message.

Q: What have you learned from your extensive world travel that has helped you develop your people strategies?

It’s an invaluable experience for any leader to explore different cultures. Cross-cultural agility is key, especially in America. You ignore cultural differences at your own peril.

Q: What do you mean by using the right “filter of empathy?”

Scott brings in research from a cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien. To learn more, listen to the podcast.

Words of wisdom from Scott:
“It’s always better to under promise and over deliver.”

“Show up and choose to be present.”

“Look for the words between the words.”

Scott offers shout outs to:
NFAR, the National Foundation for Autism Research, and 7CTOs

Listen to the Full Podcast:

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