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We delve deep into all technical areas of business to provide the most thorough and accurate assessment of where your company currently stands. From infrastructure, customer technology journey, internal applications, and software development, PDSI provides strategic insight throughout the entire customer journey which includes assessing risks discovering opportunities, and making recommendations to better inform your technology decisions. How effective are your company’s technology investments? If you are unsure or don’t even know where to start, it’s time to call People Driven Solutions. We’ll comprehensively assess your entire technology landscape from internal applications like Salesforce or NetSuite to software development, security, communications, and beyond. We’ll make thoughtful recommendations on how to leverage your existing technology and suggest initiatives that can help you increase revenue, decrease expenses, and create greater efficiencies. You’ll walk away with confidence—and a comprehensive assessment. Contact us today to get started.

Tired of dealing with ‘specialists’ and ‘niche vendors’ who just want to sell you their complex services and feature-bloated products? Looking to your desktop support vendor for application development services? Asking your web designer for a good security auditor? Think your staffing provider knows a good business intelligence firm?


Today’s IT landscape is complex, fragmented and sometimes daunting for even the most technologically mature organizations. Until now, we’ve created arguably one of the most comprehensive IT assessments in the industry. We’ll take the time to secure needed information from each critical area.

Let’s talk technology

Has your company recently experienced or are you planning for significant growth?
What would you do if your data was compromised?
Is your technology limiting or supporting your success?

If you know that your technology needs to evolve in a strategic manner, the first step is to call People Driven Solutions. We’ll review all of your current technology from a holistic viewpoint. We’ll pinpoint risks, discover opportunities, and make recommendations to improve your technology.

We’ll review:
• Infrastructure
• Customer technology journey
• Internal applications
• Software development capabilities

Our goal > empower you to take advantage of growth opportunities.
After our assessment, you’ll walk away with a clear idea of what you need to do systems-wise and people-wise to achieve your business technology goals.

Introducing the Total Technology Assessment:
We’ve developed one of the most comprehensive assessment programs in the business. You benefit from our years of experience across multiple industries.

How it works.

1. Discover. We’ll dive deep and take the time needed to audit the critical technology in each area of your business.

2. Synthesize + Strategize. We’ll prepare a customized report highlighting relevant opportunities and risks and include recommendations.

3. Share. We’ll present to your management team, your board,—whoever needs to hear our findings.

4. Partner. We can help you secure a fractional CTO, deliver on technology solutions, acquire and retain talent—whatever it takes to help you realize your goals.

We’ll optimize and leverage your technology, giving your business the competitive edge.

Contact PDSI today to get started.

How well is technology serving your company? Take our assessment to find out!
  • “He (PDSI) really looked at our situation as being unique and figured out what he could do for us and that was really impressive to me.”

    Casey Wright, Co-Founder & CEO | Wright Bros

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