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An enterprise B2B online review company seeks to bring software development in house while creating a next generation platform for its offering

Industry:Services Industry Marketing
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  • Fractional CTO Strategy
    Custom Solution Development
    Targeted Talent Acquisition
Mike Montano, CEO, Review Buzz
The Opportunity

The client selected People Driven Solutions to provide strategic technology leadership and vision during this vital growth opportunity.

The Response

Using the Fractional CTO Strategy, People Driven Solutions conducted a holistic assessment for the firm and a robust strategic technology road map to support the vision of the company. Working directly with the executive leadership team, People Driven Solutions established a technology vision to support software development while maximizing the efficiency of existing technology.

People Driven Solutions provided Custom Solutions to support the company’s vision. Additional initiatives including a new CRM implementation, marketing automation, along with accounting and HR technology, were also put in place. Moreover, the Targeted Talent Acquisition division assisted in identifying additional key IT support to support the company’s objectives.

The Result

The client is now in control of their own destiny and continues to experience tremendous growth. The company reports that by having a CTO at the table at business meetings, helping them strategically make key technology decisions, has changed the way they do business and has saved their company in time and money. People Driven Solutions continues to be a trusted advisor and a partner in helping them reach their technology initiatives.

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