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Wright Brothers Inc.

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A venerable digital media partner serving the real estate industry seeks to create a first of its kind ground-breaking content distribution platform to manage social media

Industry:Real Estate
  • Services:
  • Fractional CTO Strategy
    Custom Solution Development
Casey Wright Co-Founder & CEO | Wright Bros
The Opportunity

The client had previously engaged a traditional recruiting firm to build a solution. The project was over budget, behind schedule, and left them with no results.

The Response

People Driven Solutions provided their Fractional CTO Strategy offering and Solutions Architecture Partners from their trusted network. People Driven Solutions helped the client get a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the software development effort and what is needed to get a project on track.

The client was dedicated to leveraging the customized existing platforms as opportunities to develop their own platform from scratch. People Driven Solutions saved the company countless hours and additional budget that could have been wasted with current provider. Using the Custom Solution Development offering, the client was able to develop and leverage agile practices not only for software development, but for all corporate initiatives. Moreover, People Driven Solutions provided integral support during a security breach which could have caused the client significant loss in revenue, customer base, and reputation.

The Result

The CEO calls PDSI a “six figure saver.” People Driven Solutions was able to not only save the company time and money, but also put the necessary processes in place to help them reach their technology business objectives. People Driven Solutions continues to be a trusted technology advisor and partner providing steadfast support as the company’s growth continues to soar.

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