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A private equity group

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A private equity group seeks trusted technical advisory during the buyout of a partner SaaS venture

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The Opportunity

A non-technical private equity group engaged People Driven Solutions to support them in buying out a partner SaaS venture.

The Response

People Driven Solutions conducted a holistic assessment of the existing technology platform as well as supported the negotiation of the budget with regards to technology and the associated resources. A Fractional CTO was selected to provide technology leadership for the venture including leveraging their Targeted Talent Acquisition division to bring software development leadership and the associated development team to maintain and grow the technology platform. In addition, Solutions Partners were leveraged in order to implement best practices including infrastructure, telephony, and more.

The Result

The client doubled its size in revenue within a year and has been in a solid growth trajectory ever since. The addition of key talented individuals has helped their business grow. The company now reports confidence in making technology decisions as they have a CTO in place to educate them about the technology landscape and best strategies. People Driven Solutions continues to be a trusted advisor and a partner in helping them reach their technology initiatives.

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