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Goal Structured Solutions

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A midsize financial services firm seeks to engage fractional technology leadership to help them capitalize on new technology opportunities in their space and mitigate risks.

Industry:Financial Services & Lending
  • Services:
  • Fractional CTO Services
    Targeted Talent Acquisition
    Custom Solution Development
Ken Ruggerio, CEO, Goal Structured Solutions
The Opportunity

The client sought an opportunity to utilize technology in their industry to grow their business. Without the necessary IT leadership in place to support their initiatives, the company sought People Driven Solutions for trusted advisement.

The Response

Using the Fractional CTO Strategy, People Driven Solutions conducted a holistic assessment for the firm and a robust strategic technology roadmap to support the vision of the company. People Driven Solutions provided coaching and training for existing IT staff to assist leadership in growing internal IT talent.
People Driven Solutions was leveraged to support in creating a B2C portal to drive business for new product offerings. The Fractional CTO successfully developed staff and guided the technology direction. People Driven Solutions’ trusted Custom Solution network was enlisted to help develop and deliver a new portal. Moreover, the Targeted Talent Acquisition division assisted in identifying additional key IT support to support the company’s goals.

The Result

The client has reported tremendous growth as a result of utilizing the services of People Driven Solutions. The company proudly boasts that through following the technology roadmap laid out by their CTO, People Driven Solutions has helped give them the clarity they desperately needed when making key six figure decisions about technology. They can now make those decisions with confidence knowing that the proper support is in place to help them reach their business goals.

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