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6 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Technology Staff Work Remotely

March 25, 2018

by Faith Thomas, Director of Business Development, PDSI

Allowing employees to work remotely is something that employers are going to HAVE to strongly consider if they want to attract and retain solid talent. In fact, 43% of employed Americans spent at least some time working remotely in 2017. There are several good reasons why you should let employees work remotely. Is your business and hiring manager ready to meet this workplace trend?

Here are some of the advantages we have seen from letting employees work remotely:

Increased Productivity
Contrary to its reputation, a mobile workforce can be even more productive than their on-premise counterparts. Employee productivity has been shown to increase by an average of 22 % when remote working was allowed. Working remotely also generally means employees work longer hours with fewer and shorter breaks because they don’t have to build commuting into their work schedule. Remote workers also are more likely to work on weekends and vacations.

Save Money
Many small businesses worry that having remote workers will cost lots of money. In reality, data shows that companies that let employees work from home save a good amount of money by cutting overhead costs and more. If a typical business allowed employees to work from home just half the time, they would save, on average, $11,000 per year. At PDSI, we all work virtually. In the beginning, we had a shared office space but found the overhead wasn’t worth the expense. To compensate we increased our touch points by having daily check-ins and adding instant messaging. Each employee sets their availability and hours so we know how and when to communicate with each other as needed.

Improve Employee Morale
When people can achieve a greater work/life balance they are generally happier and more content with their current job situation. People appreciate the flexibility and freedom of having the choice to work from home and at the office.

Meet Demands of Younger Workers
68% of job seekers who are millennials said an option to work remotely would greatly increase their interest in specific employers, according to a survey by After College. Policies that cultivate a flexible, fun, and casual work environment have a positive impact on a young professional’s (Millennials and Gen Z) interest in specific employers.

Reduction in Wasted Time
In a digital age, you can eliminate the unnecessary distractions and time wasters of a traditional office. Time spent commuting to a business can be spent on getting work done. In addition, “water cooler” and social conversation is limited resulting in increased productivity especially for technology staff members where focus is important.

Higher Retention Rates
Employee turnover is reduced by allowing employees to work remotely. Remote working has shown to reduce employee turnover by 50%. Not everyone wants to work from home but employees who do consistently report higher job satisfaction and company loyalty than on-site workers. This, in turn, reduces attrition rates.

Working remotely isn’t possible for everyone or every job position, but it is becoming more and more popular amongst many U.S. workers. Both employers and employees can experience significant benefits from such an arrangement. It’s worth the time to evaluate how your organization can bring mobility options to the forefront of its operating strategy by investing in employee communication software. One thing we know for sure, this is a trend that doesn’t show signs of slowing.

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