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February 17, 2017

Do You Know Where All of Your Data Resides?

Is it DropBox…Google Drive… OneDrive… iCloud… your local hard drive… or that old flash drive in your desk… ‘shared drives’ on a server in your office, data center or the cloud?

If you’re like countless others, maybe you are using your email box as a giant filing cabinet.
How about that CRM that allows you to attach files to client accounts?
Is it that mobile device that holds countless downloaded pictures and attachments in the deepest, darkest reaches of its internal memory?
So, really, do you know where all of your data resides?
If not, take solace in knowing you’re not alone! Whether we’re talking about the internal spreadsheets and documents comprising the ‘corporate gold’ that drives companies or that favorite track for your gym mix, our data is literally, physically and virtually all over the place (that’s a technical term for ‘distributed.’ 🙂
Well then, what can we do to begin our journey towards knowing thy data’s location?
I would propose there are 3 I’s to Data Location Mastery:
1. Inventory: create an aggregated list of all locations (platforms, drives, applications) that you currently store data
2. Identify: for each location, indicate the type of files stored, rating each type with a rating for security, privacy and accessibility of that file type. Analyze your structure to ensure it meets your needs!
3. Index: after confirming all of your data has been moved to the best location for its security, privacy and accessibility, take advantage of a centralized Index to more easily locate files when needed. At the personal level, Mac offers Spotlight and Windows 10 provides an Indexing service. At the enterprise level, ‘enterprise search’ is one technology that can create an ‘internal search engine’ of sorts for your corporate data.
Whatever strategy you choose, may the “3 I’s” help you to see your data more clearly!

May technology serve,

7:05pm by JanetB

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